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How to find a flat in London

Start the search three months before

London has a very profitable real estate market, and all the flats are listed one month before they are available.

Keep an open mind

Don’t narrow down your search only to one area, look for the most different locations.

Use websites

They can be extremely beneficial if you don’t have time to go and look for a flat.

Documents needed to rent in London

Proof of identity – according to law, applicants for rental must be over 18 years old and be legal UK residents. You are required to submit the proof of identity and current address.

Proof of employment and earnings – for this, you will have to submit the recent pay slips for the last three months, letter from your employers, which states job title, salary and contract length and current employment contract.

References – in this case, it would be wise to acquire a recommendation from a previous landlord, confirming you were a reliable tenant, a referral from your boss establishing your character, as well the reference from a friend.

The easiest ways to find a flat in London

Here you have two options, you can visit the popular websites, or you can hire the services of estate agency. The both of them are good, but if you want fast results, we would recommend the estate agency. On the other hand, for people who don’t have much time, you can use sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla.


Stylish London Apartment for rent Henrietta Street

Four cheapest areas to find a flat in London



Erith in south-east London – this area tops the list of the most affordable places to rent in UK’s capital, where price is around £1,003 per month.


Neighboring areas Bexleyheath, Sidcup, and Blackfen – all in Bexley borough, are also some of cheapest location in London. The rent price is around £1,090 a month.


East Bedfont in Hounslow is another attractive location, where an average price rent is £1,137, and people are looking forward to getting away from inner London.


Rainham and Hornchurch – earlier this year, these two areas were listed as the two most exciting locations for potential tenants.

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